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Slack, 2013

Ever wished you could create a billion-dollar business without spending any money on advertising? Is that even possible? 

Slack is the inspiration! Stewart Butterfield, the founder of Slack, originally intended to create a game. For a gaming company, Stewart Butterfield hoped to develop a communications platform for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) industry. Instead, Glitch was established, which, despite employing several strategies, failed.

“It was so weird and unfamiliar to people,” says Butterfield.

The group, meanwhile, did not allow their setback to define them. While creating the game, the Glitch team began working on an internal chat system as a side project. Every employee would work on it in their free time. Later, Glitch evolved into Slack, the fastest-growing startup in history and the most widely used productivity and chat platform in the world without investing any marketing expenses.

It is primarily intended for use in the office, where a lot of people have utilized it to establish social groups. In less than two years, Slack was valued at over $2.8 billion. When they last published their sales figures in 2015, Slack had roughly 500,000 paying subscribers and 7 million daily users.

Slack was purchased by Salesforce in July 2021 for an astounding $27.7 billion!

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🤵 Founder(s)

  •  Serguei Mourachov
    Serguei Mourachov
  •  Stewart Butterfield
    Stewart Butterfield
  •  Eric Costello
    Eric Costello
  •  Cal Henderson
    Cal Henderson

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About Slack

🚀 Launched August 1, 2013
🔗 Website
📍 Location San Francisco, California
💸 Funding $1.4B (source)
🏢 IPO Status Delisted
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Users over 20 million as of 2023
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