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An action, puzzle, and strategy based media franchise

Angry Birds Game, 2009

First failed attempt, second failed attempt, third failed attempt … How many failed attempts are enough failed attempts to give up?

The answer is there aren’t enough to give up, and Angry Birds Game is here to prove it.

Angry Birds has been one of the world’s most successful mobile apps to date. The idea is basic. Pigs are crushed by angry birds that use one another as slingshot targets.Β 

β€œWhen Rovio was established in 2003, it was just a normal, very small startup, making mobile games,” said Pekka Rantala, the CEO of Rovio. β€œThey managed to bring to market more than 50 different games, but none of them were particularly successful. They were really tight on resources and money; by 2009, they were really close to going bankrupt.”

The Rovio team started considering various game suggestions in 2009.Β 

Jaakko Iisalo, a Senior Game Designer submitted a suggestion in the shape of a mock-up screenshot showing some angry birds with no visible legs or wings. The team members liked the characters, so the group decided to design a game around them. The sickly green pigs were born amid the peak of the swine flu pandemic panic!

Angry Birds was the studio’s 52nd produced game.

β€œThe simplicity and addiction factor of Angry Birds is somewhat reminiscent of Tetris,” says Peter Vesterbacka, game developer and former CMO of Rovio Entertainment Corporation.

Rovio expressed concern in a letter to its fans about the backlash of reintroducing the original Angry Bird games to the market.Β 

We are working on it! We will find a way to bring these classic experiences back to you. It might take a while (stay tuned).

According to reports, Sega is close to paying a stunning $1 billion to acquire Rovio Entertainment.

The original Angry Birds game has received 2.8 billion downloads worldwide!

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🀡 Founder(s)

  •  Jaakko Iisalo
    Jaakko Iisalo
  •  Ari Pulkkinen
    Ari Pulkkinen
  •  Tuomas Erikoinen
    Tuomas Erikoinen
  •  Tuomo Lehtinen
    Tuomo Lehtinen

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